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Niro Developments
Your Calgary Custom Home Builder

About Niro Developments
Who We Are

Whether building a new custom home or undertaking a renovation project, Niro Developments works with you to create the perfect home that complements your lifestyle. Niro Developments only takes on a small number of projects each year to ensure impeccable quality is achieved while maintaining budget and timelines. There are many aspects that set us apart from other builders but these three attributes are highlight worthy: Expertise, Commitment to Quality and Integrity.


Vince Niro and Pat Niro, owners of Niro Developments, have extensive experience in new home construction. Construction Managers at large Calgary home builders prior to starting Niro Developments, they oversaw the construction of over 500 homes.  Together they utilized this extensive experience to build over 50 luxury infill homes in Calgary.

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Commitment to Quality

All projects are personally managed by the owners of Niro Developments to ensure every aspect of your build is given the attention it deserves.  For us, quality is more than just using superior products and materials, it must also include the people we work with. Therefore, we only engage highly skilled, experienced and dependable craftsmen and tradespeople.


Family Room

Niro Developments emphasis on integrity is paramount in everything we do.  It starts with our reliable quote to build your home and the integrity continues through the entire building process as well as after construction is complete.

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